Stoichkov' s academy in Etropole is No2 in Europe

21 september


The Academy in Etropole is Stoichkov’s second football school after the one in Barcelona. Four years ago the winner of the "Golden Ball" in 1994 gave path to 50 children born in 1995 and 1996. The ex national coach set up kind of environment and hopes that away from the temptations of the big city boys will think only about soccer. For a short time he managed to select quite talented children together with Emil Dimitrov, the President of club "Chavdar" and Dzhevizov. Now the Academy provides everything for the normal growth and development of 120 players aged between 12 and 19 years, divided into six teams. There are young boys from Macedonia, Montenegro and even one from Japan.


“The school has copied the closed circle of academic training from leading foreign schools, where also was taken the methodology of training from”, added Dzhevizov. All boys live and learn together in the best school in the area. Living block has four floors and it is in the school yard; the parents only come to the fence. Three supervisors are employed and available 24 hours. Trainings are led by eight coaches, the recovery are entrusted to a doctor and two massage therapists.

Each year the Academy accepts 20 new boys at all ages, Stoichkov attends almost every selection.

The school has already new grassed field with modern irrigation system, still in a process of licensing and construction of tribunes with 3 000 seats, as there are 2 500 fans on each game.  Even leader team like "Slavia" does not have such attendance. There is one extra stadium to use and during the winter teams also use the artificial one in Pravets. "The stadiums are built on a land owned by Stoichkov, but the municipality has determined to make an artificial field in the city because it is heavy to travel", says Dzhevizov.

"The school is costing us a lot and a little. If you start doing accounts usually does not work. Most important to us is the assessment of children and parents, their satisfaction with the conditions and the respect they receive in Etropole. School, trainings, methodology, food, living area - this is most important to us, says Stoichkov. My engagement in these children gives me a great pleasure."

Graduates of the school have already won two Republican titles, have played in four finals, have one Bulgarian Cup and 11 people play in the national teams.

"We have already shown that we are on the right way. Our selection has a very good quality. Our boys beat up the vice-champions of England "Nottingham" at that age and they played as equal," said Stoichkov, who won his first championship on same stadium in Etropole and is now an honorary citizen of the city. Stoichkov name has many open doors in Europe. His teams get higher categories hotels during the tournaments, as has already happened in Italy.

His Academy near Barcelona is a partner of the football federation in India with "Milan", "Rangers" and "Aspayar" Academy, where the government of Qatar pours millions of dollars.